Whether you can't come see me, or you'd like to see more of me, we have options! Read through my offerings, and e-mail me at princess.flora.m@gmail.com to let me know what you're interested in. I'll get back to you as soon as possible so we can figure out the details. Note that I do have a capacity for many of these options, so I may need to waitlist you until my schedule can accommodate you. I strive to provide the best service I can, so I will only accept as many subscriptions as I can reasonably accommodate during any given month. 


M e m b e r s h i p

I n   b e t w e e n

Get access to my members-only section where you'll find new pictures, and videos every month. Enjoy my favourite snapchat selfies, new photoshoots, and some sexy solo videos.


For established clients, we can add some chatting over text message between dates. 

1 day - $40

2 days - $75

3 days - $100

Coming Soon!

s n a p c h a t

Get weekly strip-snaps, hot pictures, and video clips sent directly to you, all with the bonus of getting to send me messages, and pictures in response!


s n a p c h a t

Get some 1-on-1 chatting added to your snapchat subscription! You'll get snaps sent directly to you, and one hour of personal chat and snap sessions per week.



F L E X I B I L i T y

Get the truest girlfriend experience with a monthly subscription. You'll get dates, and intimate time, with personal photos sent to you, and up to 8 social texts per day. Just let me know how many dates you'd like per month, and we can figure out scheduling as we go. We'll get together whenever we're free!

Social dates + intimate time - Starts at $1200

Just intimate time - Starts at $1000

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