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I love providing references for my valued clients, and strive to give you as much helpful info as possible. I extend huge thanks to all providers who do the same; thank you for making the industry a better place for other workers, and ensuring our clients get the best service possible.

Doula Services

I am a trained birth companion, and I am currently studying post-partum support to complement my birth services. I entered the field with the intention of focussing on providing support for other providers, LGBTQ+ people, and survivors of sexual trauma. My practice is rooted in somatics, harm reduction, and anti-oppression, with respect to both traditional and modern medicines. Thanks to my other work, I am able to offer these services for free or on a sliding-scale. Please feel free to contact me at for more information!

Pregnancy and Birth Services

I provide support during any stage of pregnancy, and will work to connect you with resources to learn about pregnancy and birth, and prepare for the coming months mentally, physically, and financially. I recognise that pregnancy, birth, and parenthood can all be challenging and anxiety-inducing under normal circumstances, let alone as a provider. Society tells us that we shouldn’t be parents, and shouldn’t work while pregnant. Whatever choices you make surrounding your pregnancy, I can be there to support you in an empowering, and judgment-free way.


Work can look different as a pregnant provider. You may have more concerns about your health and safety. You may have decisions to make around branding and marketing, informing existing clientele, and your offerings. You may have worries about finding healthcare professionals that support and affirm your work and life choices. We can work together to make you feel as prepared as possible for whatever paths you choose to take in this stage of your life.


This can include:

-Connecting you with information, resources, or community

-Being present at medical appointments

-Attending birth or parenting classes with you

-Counselling partners, family, or friends on how to provide birth or parenting support

-Discussing options such as abortion or adoption

-Making a birth plan

-Exploring natural remedies, movements, or other solutions for associated discomfort

-Helping to make professional decisions

-Holding space for anything else that may come up during pregnancy


My approach to birth support is heavily focussed on somatics, and reducing stress and pain to improve birth outcomes. Having a doula present has been shown to decrease many risks, and improve the vitals of both parent and child, but I strive to do so in and intentional way, personalised to each person.


Leading up to your birth, we will discuss or make your birth plan, exploring all possibilities, and ensuring that you feel ready for this experience. Everybody experiences birth differently, with some feeling it is a deeply powerful experience, and some feeling it is a much more casual part of life, or a means to and end. I aim to hold those feelings with reverence, to become a tool in your birth story. We will figure out how you feel sensation and emotion in your body, and harness that to make your birth as manageable as possible.


Much of my practice is rooted in my own experience of chronic pain, trauma, and mental illness. The awareness I have gained of my own body and emotions has equipped me with an extensive knowledge of coping mechanisms, and self-soothing techniques which I have found can easily be applied to birth (in a trauma-informed way). All senses are greatly heightened during birth, which is why our cultural image of birth is fuelled by pain and fear, but it also means we have the potential to harness calmness, pleasure, and joy to reduce the negative aspects, or even create a sense of euphoria.


I have a deep fascination with the concept of euphoric, or orgasmic birth, and I am trained in birth hypnosis (which I view more as a style of guided meditation). Whether the concept of birth holds great power to you, or you just want an easy or low-pain birth, we can use elements of all of this knowledge to create an ideal birth experience. While there can always be complications, and not all bodies are equipped for low-intervention birthing, I do believe that if we look at birth realistically, and prepare ourselves for any outcome, we can birth with less fear, and heal ourselves in this process.

In-person birth support including:

- Birth planning
- Comfort measures
- Coaching

- Hypnosis

- On-call, and present during birth

And more

Distance birth support including:

- Birth planning
- Comfort measures education
- Coaching for birth parent and partner

- Hypnosis recordings

- Facetime or Skype birth support

And more

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