Over my years of work, I've figured out my strengths. I'm not a dinner date; I'm a fantasy. Whether a momentary fantasy, or a whirlwind weekend, I seem to leave people in awe. Like they've just starred in a movie, but also like nobody could have written what just happened, as if it was unimaginable. So as much as I'd love a day at the spa, or a table d'hôte at a beautiful restaurant, I suspect you'll want to get to know me first. I mean, we are all here for one thing: The hair. The rest will unfold. Click here to find out what to expec

What to Expect

A meeting can look a million different ways. Each meeting is uniquely tailored to your desires, and I encourage you to share them with me. Some seek companionship, the caring presence of a beautiful woman. We can make dinner, share thoughts, and decompress from your daily life. Some may be seeking something more unique; the smell after a long workout, the sensation of soft hair in their hands or against their skin, or the fulfillment of a specific dream. You’ll find I can cater to all of these needs, with boundless excitement, curiosity, and a deep hedonism that will enhance any encounter.


I will welcome you with a warm smile, and a sultry gaze, and from there our time together is up to us. Ask me about poetry and art, my latest baking projects, or my remarkable control over my throat muscles and complete lack of a gag reflex (cute party trick). Let’s discuss our dreams of sustainable farm living, amazing inventions, and bound gangbangs. I can talk your ear off about birthwork and emotional wellness, or my most recent bukkake experience. I want to hear all about your life, loves, and hobbies. Truly, the possibilities are endless, and you can do it all in the company of a shockingly hairy, and shockingly beautiful woman. Take a look at my Experiences Page for information on rates, and what to expect in the booking process.

One Hour       .....    300CAD

Two Hours      .....     540CAD

Four Hours     .....   1000CAD


Ninety Mins   .....    420CAD

Three Hours   .....     800CAD

Six Hours        .....   1500CAD

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