Over my years of work, I've figured out my strengths. I'm not a dinner date; I'm a fantasy. Whether a momentary fantasy, or a whirlwind weekend, I seem to leave people in awe. Like they've just starred in a movie, but also like nobody could have written what just happened, as if it was unimaginable. So as much as I'd love a day at the spa, or a table d'hôte at a beautiful restaurant, I suspect you'll want to get to know me first. I mean, we are all here for one thing: The hair. The rest will unfold. Click here to find out what to expect.


I will be happy to have you in my own space; I do not visit other residences

Add 80/h for couples
All races and genders welcome

1hr   ....   300CAD

Whether it's just what you're used to, or you have limited time or budget, this is a great opportunity to have fun and get an idea of each other.

1.5hr   ....   420CAD

The perfect intro, or reunion. Enough time to take it slow, do everything our bodies call us to do, and get our dose of each other's minds, too. A favourite.

2hr   ....   540CAD

The perfect tryst if we know and adore each other, or a great intro if you know you can go on for a while. Times goes quick, but with 2 hours, we can make the most of it.

4hr   ....   1000CAD

This seems to be the favourite of those with stamina! While I'm sure we could fit all kinds of chat and snacks in to 4 hours, we can also just GO. And go, and go, and go...

3hr   ....   800CAD

Great for dinner and some fun, or sharing some poetry, and talking about philosophy and life between moments of heat. A guaranteed delight.

6hr   ....   1500CAD

Time for a meal and plenty more! This is a great option if you're hoping for a full, date-like experience. Perfect for those I've already established a connection with.


My extended bookings start at:

12hr overnight   ...   2200

14hr overnight   ...   2700

16hr overnight   ...   3200

18hr overnight   ...   3700

24hr overnight   ...   4500

36hr weekend    ...   6800

48hr weekend    ...   9200

Inquire for more details

Fly Me To You!

Not in Ottawa? I am always passport-ready, and open to travelling to you, or with you! Just cover travel, and accommodations with a minimum 6 hour booking, and we'll be basking in each other in no time!


With many mixed feelings in the industry around “review culture” on review boards, I’ve been unsure when clients have asked if I’d like them to post their reviews. Some I gave the go-ahead to, but with many, I have collected the reviews myself. They mean so much to me, as I always like to know how to deliver the best experience, and focus on the aspects that speak to my clients the most. Below are some collected quotes and reviews, shared with the authors’ consent. If you’d like to share an account of our time together, or recommend me to others, feel free to get in touch!

My first experience with Flora was… Unbelievable. First: She was so much more beautiful than I expected. She doesn’t show her face, so I wasnt sure, but she is stunning. And even her body is better in person. It’s not just the photo angles, she really looks like that, and even better when she moves.

We were both a little shy at first but there was immediate physical chemistry, and once we got going, we couldn’t stop. Flora is incredibly sensual. I’ve never experienced such real intimacy with a provider, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. And by the time we were done, we couldn’t stop chatting either! Flora is a very interesting and dynamic lady, and you’d be remiss not to book with her, whether you’re a fan of body hair or not. I can definitely say we will share many moments together in the future.

This was my first time with [a provider], and I can’t say it’s what I expected. I know it’s a niche thing, and she was only going to be [in Toronto] for a few days, so I had to try! But i don’t know i guess i thought it was kind of an in and out thing, basically like a video kind of? But you know, it’s a real person that you’re meeting, and that’s never quite like the fantasy, so I went in thinking I would basically like, look at her, touch her, see all the hair, do my thing, and thats it. BUT WOW she is something. Flora made it the fantasy. more than the fantasy. It sounds bad, but i guess my image of the kind of thing was that the girl isn’t really like, in to it, it’s kind of mechanical? She is a PERSON. She is so there. She’s so nice, and welcoming, and affectionate, and it wasn’t at all like going through the list of things I wanted to do and then I go home and think about it later. It was just all right there. And it was so natural. She just sat me down, didn’t mind my shyness, but took it slow at first. Then it was just… You don’t expect that even from the best hookups. She was so in to it. And THOSE EYES. I got to explore all the hair, yes, but I got to explore her, too. And me. I don’t know, I’m not the best at describing things, but I just left feeling like I was floating. I’ve had the biggest smile on my face all night and all today. I can’t wait to see her again. And maybe other ladies too! Hiring [a provider] is not at all what I thought it was like.

I’ve been seeing Flora for some time, and it is the highlight of the month when I get to. Whenever she comes to Montreal, I make time for her, because she is truly a very special woman. I have seen a few before her, but she is so kind, and smart. Certainly the hairiest, she is very natural, even down to her interests. And she has the most interesting things to say. I book extra time just to talk to her, because I love to hear what amazing things she has gotten up to. I do believe that this industry is very healing and important for the clients, and she proves that. I know that my interests are not normal, or even very fun for others, but she is so kind, and makes it seem so fun. She takes joy in everything, such a strong and beautiful girl.

She’s wild. That’s all I can say. She goes, and goes, and goes, and not a minute of rest, and she is wild. You’ve never had a [redacted] until you’ve felt hers. Just the control she has of her throat, and the movement, and she just worships the [redacted]. Hell, you’ve never felt [redacted] until you’ve felt hers! She’s sensitive, and you feel every squeeze as she cries out, over and over. She’s just too much fun. A VERY special treat. Save up, get a couple hours. Fuck, cancel your gym membership, she’s your workout.

I’ve been in the hobby for a long time, and never met a woman like Flora. Being a man of my age, a full bush was the norm in my day, so I thought it would be nice to return to my roots. What I got was not only impressive skill (that throat…) but also an incredibly engaged, sweet, and kind demeanor. I’m not used to having so much attention paid to my body. As I mention, I am not young. I’ve gotten soft with age, and all the other things that come with it. I found it a bit uncomfortable at first, how she ran her hands along my back, my legs, my hair, and face... but that quickly passed when I noticed the look in her eye. The same look I notice when she opened the door. She has the most captivating eyes, and it’s almost intimidating at first. You’re not sure what she’s thinking… until shes in her element, and you realize that look is raw passion, hunger, desire. She exudes sensuality. From her voice, to even just the timing of when she makes physical contact, it almost seems calculated in how naturally seductive it is. It feels so real that it’s surreal. Unprecedented, certainly. She’s not normal, that’s for sure! In the look she presents online, in the look she presents in person (BREATHTAKING cannot even describe her. She is the kind you would pass by on the street and have to stop to believe your eyes), in the niche she serves, and in the person she is. Well-read, experienced, compassionate… I don’t want to sign her up for therapy but if you ask her about an emotional issue, an issue with girls, or your confusion about an concept (given the #metoo stuff these days), she will give you the most in-depth compassionate answer you never expected to get. And she taught me so much about what the girls in the industry are facing these days. She really has a way of empathizing, but analyzing facts, and just giving what seems so simple for her, but seems like the most amazing solution, or concept to think about… And never with judgement. I think that’s the biggest thing I got from her, was that non-judgement. Not even just a lack of judgement, but an appreciation for all of me. All the parts I try to ignore, all the reason I engage with the hobby is to ignore those parts, and just have fun with a sexy girl. But she brought back those parts, made them feel like the best parts, and I don’t even think she knew she was doing it!!! The girl just has a love for bodies, i guess. All parts, every body. Or maybe old fat men are just her type lol!

At this price range, you HAVE to book. She could be charging a lot more, and I would still say BOOK.






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One Hour       .....    300CAD

Ninety Mins   .....    420CAD

Two Hours      .....     540CAD

Three Hours   .....     800CAD

Four Hours     .....   1000CAD


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