One Hour       .....    300CAD

Ninety Mins   .....    420CAD

Two Hours      .....     540CAD

Three Hours   .....     800CAD

United States

One Hour       .....    300USD

Ninety Mins   .....    420USD

Two Hours      .....     520USD

Three Hours   .....     760USD

I will be happy to have you in my own space; I do not visit other residences

Add 80 for couples
All races and genders welcome

Fly Me To You!

Not in Ottawa? I am always passport-ready, and open to travelling to you, or with you! Just cover travel, and accommodations with a minimum 6 hour booking, and we'll be basking in each other in no time!


Fill out the form below, or email me at to book a date. Please note that I can't guarantee the security of this form, so if you're concerned about privacy, it may be best to email me directly. Feel free to refer to my booking procedures before getting in touch so you can know what to expect.


Booking procedure

Please include as much detail as possible in your primary contact with me. Once I receive your email, I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours. My schedule is pretty packed, so getting as much detail as possible in as few emails as possible will help us get together sooner.

I don't take bookings with less than 24 hours notice unless I am touring. Please respect this, and don't ask for same-day meetings in Ottawa.

Once we have established a day and time for our meeting, I will need your phone number. I will text you one day prior to our meeting to confirm. I won't give out my phone number prior to this. Please do not email asking for my phone number. Once we have seen each other once, you are welcome to text or email for future appointments, but please don't text just to chat unless I initiate. As much as I'd like to catch up with you, I can't keep up with everybody over text message. 


To ensure my safety, I will need to gather some personal information from you. This can be in the form of photo ID, references, or etransfer deposit. For longer meetings, I may require more in-depth screening in the form of employment verification. I can promise you absolute confidentiality, and I will assume that you will give me the same.


I require deposits for any meetings longer than 3 hours. Once we nail down the timing, I will ask you for the deposit through etransfer. I ask for a deposit of $100 for every hour booked. For some dates, I may require the full amount to be sent beforehand. This deposit will be returned to you in full if I have to cancel for any reason, but will not be refunded if you cancel. If you need to reschedule, 50% of the deposit will be carried over. While I don't require deposits for shorter meetings, I do greatly appreciate them, and they definitely build trust.

Cancellation Policy

If you have to cancel a meeting, please let me know as soon as possible. If you cancel a meeting with 1-3 days notice, I will ask that a cancellation fee of $100/hour is etransferred to me. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, I will ask that you pay the full cost. If you cancel with no notice, or don't show up, I will not book with you again without the full amount being etransferred upon booking. If it happens more than once, I will not be seeing you again.


If you contact me asking for unprotected services, I will not book with you. I will never provide these services, and I do not feel safe with those who request them. If you ask for a discount, or try to haggle with me, I will not book with you. This shows a clear disrespect for me, and my business. I have no interest in seeing those who do not respect me.

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